Terrenew Makes High-Quality Organic Potting Soil & Composts and Heavy Metal Removal Products
Made in the USA in Affiliation with Cornell University

Oil Master Oil Absorbent and Oil Absorbent Pads
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AgriMaster - Organic Growing Products
MetalMaster - Heavy Metal Removal

Envrionmental Remediation | Oil Spill Clean-up & Oil Spill Response | H2S Bio-gas & Wastewater Treatement
H2S Removal | Industrial Absorbents | Heavy Metal Filtration


OilMaster - Eco-Friendly Oil Absorbents & Oil Absorbent Pads - A perfect replacement for heavy, inefficient clay sorbents, this cost-effective, eco-friendly oil absorbent is independently proven to be 7 times more absorbent than clay.   It’s easy to use, absorbs oil, paint, hydraulic liquids and industrial chemicals instantly, and doesn’t leave behind nasty residue or carcinogenic dust like clay based products.   At a retail cost comparable to clay, it’s the perfect solution for oil spills, hydraulic liquid spills or other chemical or paint spills that require fast, efficient absorption and disposal. 

AgriMaster - A "Clean Hands" revolution for Greenhouses, Growers and Gardners A full line of Organic Potting Soils, Organic Mushroom Compost Concentrate and Dry Cow Manure Soil Conditioner that are lightweight, nutrient-rich, easy to handle and don't make a mess 

SulfaMaster Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal - This environmentally friendly superior product is designed for removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from gases generated in waste water treatment, from biogas used in bioenergy production, as well as other sour gas applications.
Hydrogen Sulfide Removal and Heavy Metal Removal for Professional Environmental Consultants
Agrimaster Organic Potting Soils and Organic Mushroom Compost Concentrate

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Terrenew, LLC, in affiliation with Cornell University, makes a wide range of environmentally-friendly products from renewable and widely available composts and agricultural waste fibers.  Our eco-friendly products include "Clean Hands" Organic Potting Soils, Organic Mushroom Composts, and Organic Soil Conditioner, as well as Heavy Metal Removal products.
Become an Oil Master Oil Absorbent and Spill Absorbent  or Agrimaster, Organic Potting Soils and Mushroom Composts
Latest News: OilMaster and SulfaMaster product lines have been purchased by OSM Environmental Inc.