* In actual practice we have achieved levels of sulfur in the final mixture of 75% of the total weight of SulfaMaster medium.

* The ability to remove H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) at such a high rate makes SulfaMaster a unique product in the hydrogen sulfide removal industry
SulfaMaster - Hydrogen Sulfide Removal & H2S Sequestration Solution
SulfaMaster - Hydrogen Sulfide Removal (H2S) Removal products are designed for removal of hydrogen sulfide from gases generated in waste water treatment, from biogas used in bioenergy production, as well as other sour gas applications. In tests conducted thus far, SulfaMaster has shown the ability to reduce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentrations from 30,000 ppm to below detectable levels.

SulfaMaster is manufactured by Terrenew as a ready to use blend. The media base is dried dairy manure and the absorptive element is iron. The pH is 7-8. The reactions that occur are as follows:

1. Fe+2 + H2S ---> FeS + 2 H+
2. Fe2O3.H2O + 3 H2S ---> Fe2S3 + 4 H2O
3. 2 Fe2S3 + 3O2 + 2 H2O ---> Fe2O3.H20 + 6S
(regeneration of matrix using oxygen)

These reactions are common to several media for hydrogen sulfide removal, including Iron Sponge and SulfaTreat, but SulfaMaster - Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal Product is unique in its ability to be regenerated multiple times. The result is a low cost and efficient method for hydrogen sulfide removal. The spent material can be disposed of by land spreading.

SulfaMaster - Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal Products used as a dry filter media in a vessel that is sized relative to the gas flow and hydrogen sulfide concentration. For proper operation, the vessel system must be engineered to ensure that two items are included:

Liquid water in the bottom inch or two of the vessel
Ammonia, which is required to maintain the appropriate pH of the medium. Hydrogen sulfide is acidic and the system for hydrogen sulfide removal must contain a neutralizing system to avoid excess acidity.
After regeneration, the vessel can be placed back into service to continue to remove more H2S. This cycle can be repeated more than six times and possibly as many as ten, depending on the application resulting in much larger amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide removal and greater value. The final limiting factor on the number of regenerations, and therefore the useful life of the media, is that elemental sulfur will eventually accumulate to such a level that gas flow is reduced below a useful rate in the vessel.

In actual practice we have achieved levels of sulfur in the final mixture of 75% of the total weight of SulfaMaster medium showing just how effective SulfaMaster is at removing H2S.

Summary Advantages of SulfaMaster - Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Removal products:

All natural alternative for the removal of H2S derived from dairy manure and farm fertilizers.
Multiple regeneration cycles ensure highly efficient operation and greater removal of hydrogen sulfide. Other systems, if regenerable at all, can be regenerated only two or three times, and efficiency is lost at each regeneration step.
Levels of sulfur removed per weight of medium are greater with SulfaMaster than with other solid media.
The spent medium can be disposed of by land spreading. The manure is, of course, totally biodegradable, and under aerobic soil conditions, the free sulfur will be converted into sulfate.
*A patent application has been filed on SulfaMaster

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